Who is the Man Who Invented Soccer? A Detailed History Of The Beautiful Game



Search which is the most popular game in the world? You see, there must be soccer on the top of the list, right? If a list of the most popular sports in the world is arranged, then soccer will be at the forefront.

It is played all over the world. Not only is the game confined inside the stadium, but it is also popular in remote rural areas. Ever wanted to know how this game got started, who invented soccer, or its history?

Soccer has an interesting and long history. Surely now you want to know about the history of soccer, right? I will now try to give you details about the history of soccer, who was the inventor of soccer and where was soccer invented etc. So get well prepared and start digging into the history of soccer.


The History of Soccer Game


The sport that is now being referred to as football was once popular as soccer. The game was introduced in England in 1863 with the enactment of various rules by the Football Association and since then soccer has come to be known as football.

Although the game was prevalent even before any rules were made. It was played on the lawns of various schools in England but there were no rules and regulations and it was played in a chaotic manner. The Cambridge Rules and the Sheffield Rules were notable at the time. However, due to these rules, there were differences of opinion among the players from time to time.

In fact, it is not possible to say only one person is the inventor of football or soccer. I can’t give credit to just a single person for that. But if you ask who was the creation of the Football Association then the answer is possible. Ebenezer Morley is said to be the father of the Football Association.

Ebenezer Morley was not only the father of the Football Association but also the founder of the Burns Football Club. A meeting was held on October 26, 1863, based on a letter from him, and was attended by representatives of about 12 clubs. This meeting sets out the different rules of soccer.

However, the current world football game is held at FIFA Under which was established in 1904. Many of the previous rules were later changed from FIFA and now the football game you are watching is being run entirely under FIFA.


Who Was the Actual Inventor of Soccer?


I have already mentioned that it would be unfair to give credit to the actual inventor of soccer to only one person. However, since this article focuses on who invented soccer, it requires some research for everyone to know.

I try to present to you the information that I have got through various types of research. The game of Cuju or Tsu-Chu was popular in China in 206 BC. Its meaning is “kicking the ball”. The game was very popular in the Chinese dynasty at that time, so in that sense, it can be said that the game originated from the Chinese dynasty.

The wait is not over yet. Another twist is waiting for you. You may be surprised to know that some historians claim that the game was played about 5000 years ago. However, no truth of this idea was found. This is why it can be said that the introduction of soccer started from the Chinese dynasty.







The Origin of Soccer


If asked which country invented modern football, it is easy to say that it is England. But many people do not know the origin of football or soccer.

As I mentioned earlier, the game of soccer was prevalent in the Chinese dynasty from 206 to 220 AD, but then it was called ‘cuju’. Even at that time, the use of hands was prohibited in the game. The game was also popular in ancient Greece and was called ‘episkyros’. However, hands were allowed in this game.

But the “episkyros” was quite a violent type and the game is considered by historians to be related to the ancient Roman game ‘Harpastum’.

The game of soccer has appeared in front of everyone through various rules changes step by step. What we are seeing now is the most modern form of soccer and now the form of football or soccer is quite popular all over the world.


Final Words


If the history of soccer begins to be discussed, it may become somewhat impossible to end. Because its history is as long as it is interesting. However, I have tried my best to summarize everything in this article. I hope this effort of mine will be helpful for you know who invented soccer and the history of how soccer turns into football. Thank you all.

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