The Invention of Hockey – Where and when the beautiful game was Born

Hockey is a team-based enjoyable game where two teams play against each other by commanding a small ball through a hockey stick and getting the ball into the antagonist goal.


But the point is, Who invented Hockey? Although many countries claim that they have developed this game, however, among them, Canada is such a country that forcibly declares that Hockey is their own asset!


In this article on finding the actual inventor of the hockey game, we’ll try to unveil the history of Hockey and see where Hockey originated. Hopefully, you’ll be with us!


The History of Hockey:

Multiplied historiographers have studied the question of who originated the hockey sport, but unfortunately, no one wasn’t able to give an accurate answer to this common question. 


However, according to our research, most scientists claim that the game’s roots go back over 4,000 years to primitive Egypt, where a rough bat and ball sport was performed.


Although there are multiple disagreements about this game’s history, you’ll frequently notice that people always say that Hockey was first played in 1875 in Montreal, Québec.


On the other hand, England declares that the modern sport of Hockey developed in their country in the mid-18th century. Officially, the first hockey association was established in the united kingdom, and the time was 1876.


Who Invented Hockey



What Person Invented Hockey?

These days, the hockey game is divided into many dedicated forms such as ice hockey, roller hockey, field hockey and indoor Hockey.


As far as our research and an authentic reference from, the innovation of this game played as a team-based game which is frequently attributed to James Creighton. In 1872. In that time, he also created the role of the game.


A few years later, James Creighton’s provided hockey game’s rules were updated at McGill University based in Montreal.


It was concluded that the sport would be held inside due to the idea that ice hockey had to be performed in pools. Differently, players could get seriously injured.


After a lot of thinking, James Creighton successfully managed the problem by simply producing a flat and circular piece of wood, and the wood is known as the first hockey puck in history.


By creating the circular piece of wood, Creighton tried to discover something that could be used in the game and ensure better control over a ball. In addition to this. The wood also decreased the chance of injuring spectators and players.



Explaining the topic of Who Invented Hockey means we’re just trying to show you some opinions. And all the information we got from some of the authentic websites.


We’re even not 100% sure who the original creator of the game was and where the competition was first organized because multiple opinions have destroyed our confidence.


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