UEFA Champions League Winners List since 1955-56

The UEFA Champions League is an international football competition. The Champions League was established in 1955. It is open to the League winners of all UEFA and the clubs completing from 2nd to 4rth position. First time in 1955-56 seasons, UEFA Champions League winners are Real Madrid. They won against Reims (4-3).

The tournament, named the European Cup before it was transformed to the Champions League before the 1992-93 seasons, has been around since 1955, with 22 different winners from 13 other nations.

Six teams have received this privilege: Ajax, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona and Liverpool. Most time, UEFA Champions League was won by the Real Madrid team 13 times.

Champions League Winners list

The current UEFA champions are Chelsea, who beat Manchester City in 2021 final (1–0). England has produced fourteen champions from five clubs, and Italy teams have made twelve victors from three Champions League clubs. The UEFA Champions League Winners list since 1955-56 seasons to present has given below.

List of the champions league winners table

UEFA Champions League Winners

UEFA Champions League Winners

UEFA Champions League Winners

UEFA Champions League Winners

Champions League Trophy details

The UEFA (The Union of European Football Association) was started on 1955. Some of the champion’s league info has given below

  • First or started: 1955-56
  • Number of teams: 32 teams
  • Current Champions: Chelsea team (2021).
  • Most Successful wins club: Real Madrid in 13 titles.
  • Most time runners-up: Juventus.





How many UEFA leagues are there?

There are 32 members and associations of the club from 25 UEFA national associations. The first time, it was on 14 members.


What is the Full meaning of UEFA?

The full meanings of UEFA are the union of European Football Associations.


Who has won the champions league the most times?

Real Madrid won the most times champion’s league. They won 13 times in the UEFA Champions League.


How many times has Liverpool won the champions league?

Liverpool is one of the most influential clubs that won the five+ times in the UEFA Champions League. They won the six times UEFA Champions League.



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