The Proper Way to Wrap Your Hands – How To Wrap Hands for Boxing Like a Boss : 10 Easy Steps

Being a boxer or a professional boxer , one thing should keep in mind that safety is important. For safety wrapping your hand is most essential. We cannot avoid it. It is badly in need like the face or other parts of your body.


It’s a must to wrap hands before you start boxing since it’s a sport that can cause some serious injuries to the finger bones. Wrapping your hands before joining a boxing practice can benefit you in several ways. It eases your practice by creating a barrier around the finger bones and consumes a large part of the pressure. After Wrapping your hands, you can start boxing.


Help you keep your hands in the right position. Without wrapping up the hands, you will break a bone or injure the ligament. So, even if you don’t know the proper procedure of wrapping hands, read out the article because we have explained in the easiest way how to wrap hands for boxing.


So, without further ado let’s get started.


10 Simple Steps to Follow for Wrapping Hands


When you are about to go to practice boxing, you shouldn’t wrap a piece of cloth anyhow you like. There are some steps to wrap your hands up like a professional boxer. We have explained 10 pro steps you must follow to wrap your hands and practice boxing with ease.

How to wrap hands for boxing?

Step 1

Unroll the hand wrap first and reveal the end thumb loop.


Step 2

Set it around your thumb base and drag it across the backward of your hands.


Step 3

Rotate the wrapper three times around the knuckles.


Step 4

Go along with the back of your hand to wrap it three times around the wrist.


How to wrap hands for boxing?


Step 5

Come up to cover your palm by looping it halfway across your thumb.


Step 6

Again, return across the palm, on that loop the back of your hand is halfway from the opposite direction across the thumb.


Step 7

Wrap back to cover the wrist by your thumb making it work as an anchor. Begin to wrap between each of your fingers. Start the wrapping between the ring and pinky fingers.


Your thumb should be extended fully while you are undergoing the wrapping process. It will make the wrap come up from your thumb base.


Step 8

When you are done wrapping between each of the three spaces of your fingers and knuckles, for the final time make your thumb the anchor for coming back up across the knuckle’s outside. Now, three times wrap them all together.


Step 9

Now, again cross it over three times around the wrist of the back of your hand to wrap it.


Step 10

If more of the wrap is left, keep wrapping it around your wrist and palm while keeping the X pattern.

Make sure to always get a large wrap rather than small ones. Because the less wrapping you have around your hand the less it can protect them. Also, don’t go for too large wraps because that will rather feel uncomfortable and tight.


If the wrap is unnecessarily too big and then it will only cover your hand, but will not let you make a tight fist for boxing. So, consider having a medium-length wrapper to wrap your hands up.


Learning boxing without giving your hands protection can only cause you damage and pain. Hence, just like a good diet for a boxer, wrapping hands each time he practices is a “got to do” thing.

If you follow the steps we mentioned regarding how to wrap hands for boxing you will learn to do it yourself after the next 2 or 3 days. Remember, your safety is what matters the most.

So, turning the wrapping hands is a habit for daily boxing practice.

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