How Many Rounds Are In A Boxing Match – How Long Does Each Round?

We all know there is a term called “rounds” in boxing. Although we have heard the phrase already, many of us have no clue about its function. In general, a “round” refers to the limited period when two rival boxers are combating against each other without having a break.


When it rings, it means another round is about to start. Round is more than just a chance to fight again. It includes several rules both the boxers need to follow.


The times for rounds are set before the match starts and unless a serious case of an accident occurs or a player gets knocked down, the round is never over before the fixed time.


How Many Rounds in Boxing


These days, depending on the situation, rounds in boxing matches are scheduled. Usually nowadays at least 4 bouts or at most 12 bouts are seen. When there are boxing matches for major titles like Interim or European championship, 12 rounds are used.


For other conditions, it can be 4 rounds. But the fact is that all professional boxing matches have 12 rounds at least. In those rounds 3 minutes is the time for men and 2 minutes for women.


But with the level of experience of boxers, the rounds can be sometimes 6,8, or 10. Unlike Standard boxing, Olympic boxing has different rounds and rules.


In Olympic boxing, the least duration of bouts for amateur boxer men is 3 rounds for 3 minutes, and women 4 rounds for 2 minutes.

How many rounds in boxing?

What Happens to the Rounds When a Boxer is knocked out


A boxing round is never stopped immediately if a fighter is knocked out. In such a situation, the referee at first gives the eliminated competitor 10 counts. If within the 10 counts the floored fighter gets up to his feet then the rounds continue. The only time the rounds stoppage gets lengthy is when a boxer is badly injured.


He is given 5 extra minutes to recover himself and then when he feels like he can fight again, the rounds continue. But the fact is when one boxer is knocked out by another, that is the finished round and that is what settles down the results.



Why 15 Rounds Are No More Seen in Boxing?


Well, there used to be a time when the boxing fighting included 15 rounds in total. Although it was for the world championship from the early to late 19th century. We all know the famous boxer Muhammad Ali, he used to play with the rounds of 15.


However, after an incident, it was changed to 12 rounds. Boxers get more injuries with the number of rounds they go through. Hence, 15 round boxing used to even cause death.


Moreover, it used to leave fighters with major injuries which later caused early deaths. Therefore, concerning the safety and health of boxers, 15 rounds were reduced to 12 rounds. It’s the only reason behind why nowadays we see more than 12 rounds in a boxing match.




Boxing is a fair and organized sport where two fighters fight in many rounds. The least rounds a boxing match can have is four whereas the most number of rounds is not more than 12.


Since boxing is a rough sport and includes the risks of serious injuries, 12 rounds are only used when it’s a fight for a major title, or else the rounds can be of any number starting from 4 to 10 for standard boxing.

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