How long is a Soccer Game Last – (College, High School, Youth)?



Soccer is an excellent game and has about 4 billion followers. However, despite the huge number of followers of this sport, many people do not know how long is a soccer game. Surely you’re surprised to know, right? It is normal to be surprised.

If a friendly soccer match is played, then there is no fixed time limit that means you can play for a long time if you want and also play short time. But in the professional soccer game, it must be played up to a certain time according to the rules.

Profession soccer games are basically played for 90 minutes and there are pauses in between. Sometimes extra time is included if there is no result after 90 minutes of play. However, if the result does not come, then there is a penalty rule and in that case, more extras are added some time.

You may find it very dirty, don’t you? No problem, we can help you. For your convenience, we will try to make it clear how long is a soccer game. So, look at this article and get an overall idea.


How long is the Professional Soccer Game?


Wherever professional soccer games are played around the world, all players fully comply with the Laws of the Game, including Law 7. According to the rules of the game, a match will be held for 90 minutes and the match will be divided into 2 equal times which means the game will be played twice in 45 minutes.

The referee will announce the break by blowing the whistle when the 45 minutes are over. There is a 15-minute break between the two halves. During this period pliers can rest, have a drink or arrange various tactics. A 15-minute break is called “half time” in sports parlance.


How long is a Soccer Game?
How long is a Soccer Game?

Additional Time in Soccer Game


As we mentioned earlier, this game is divided into 2 equal times and lasts for 90 minutes. However, after 45 minutes, the referee can continue the game for a while if he wants and this time is called as “Extra Time”.

It is also commonly referred to as stoppage time or injury time. These extra times are added when there is an unavoidable break during the match. There may be a break in the game for various reasons. Such as:


  • Replacement


  • Players need to be assessed or removed from the field due to injury


  • Waste of time


  • Disciplined prohibition


  • Delay due to referee checking VAR


  • Drinks break or cool break (depending on the competition)


  • Any other reason that wastes time


It usually signals this stop time by a fourth officer holding a board on the sidelines so players, coaches, and fans know how much time has been added.


Penalty Shootouts and Extra Time in Soccer Game


Penalty shootouts only happen in the case of knockouts and certain cup competitions. This only happens when there is no result in the game. If there is no result even after 90 minutes of the game, two extra times of 15 minutes are given and the game is played during this time. There is also a break of 5 minutes.

However, if there is no result in the game, a penalty is arranged. The two teams get 5 penalty chances and the team that scores the most goals win the game.



Final Thoughts


Professional Soccer players follow the rules of each game. According to the rules of this game, the 90-minute game is played, but for various reasons, the playing time is extended. This article is about why it is extended and how long is a soccer game. We hope, our small effort will be very helpful for you to know how long this game is played.

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